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Finding high quality low priced items

The original goal of 1 Dollar Things was to be the best way to find low cost items online. It was born out of frustration with online retailers' tendency to always try to upsell you. Sometimes you just want to see all the things an online store has to offer for $1 or $5. It's not always easy. Usually you have to dig through a ton of filters and categories just to get to the price filter. That's where we can help. By ensuring that you only see items at the price that you choose you are not tempted to shop out of your price range. You might find some strange things when you limit your price range to a dollar or two, but it's all part of the treasure hunt!

How to get the most out of this app

Shopping for low priced items

Using the last bit of a gift card

Finding only Amazon prime items

Finding the best stuff

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